6311-BLE2-002, Housed Receiver, Mfg by Herga


Wireless Receiver Dongle

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This part is mfg by Herga. This receiver only works with the a Herga Transmitter. Customer must preform their own Risk Assessment for use of this product in their application.

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  • Mfg by Herga
  • UL 60601-1 Approved
  •  Secure PAN (Personal Area Network) with up to 2 transmitters
    • Ultra low power with 1uA sleep current
    • >10M Range – typically <100mS latency
    • Selectable Latency: Setting 1 <200ms at 10M Setting 2 <100ms at 10M
    • LED indication of battery status
    • Choice of 15 or 60 minutes timeout for further battery conservation
    • Auto wake from sleep/re-connect on press of the pedal