RDI Carries a full line of sensors from Variohm Eurosensor for a wide variety of industries. Whether you’re looking for a temperature, pressure, or position sensor we have a wide variety to choose from and we also specialize in custom applications. So if any of our products do not meet your exact specifications we can modify a product that will work for you. Please look at our categories below and if you require more information or pricing please contact us at or call us toll free at 800-226-8436.

Position Sensors: We offer a wide range of position sensors ranging from linear to rotary and non-contact rotary positions sensors for use in a wide variety of applications. Our sensors take a linear or rotary movement and convert the output signal for processing, transmission or control for your application.

Pressure Sensors: An excellent range of pressure sensors that can be a combination of temperature and pressure or just pressure sensors. These sensors are excellent for high temperature applications and hazardous environments. The sensors can be used in a wide range of mediums to suit almost any application. Also, available for customization to meet almost any application specification.

Temperature Sensors: Temperature sensors are used in our everyday life and Variohm has a wide range of sensors to select from to meet any application with complete customization available for those special requirements. We offer NTC, RDT, Digital, and thermocouples across a wide variety of options and customization.