Welcome to RDI, your source for Herga switches and Variohm sensors in North America:

RDI has been the exclusive North American supplier for Herga Technology for over 16 years and sells a wide variety of footswitches and hand controls to various industries throughout North America. We are pleased to announce that we also distribute Variohm Sensors, used to sense movement, temperature, and pressure.

Herga is the innovator of the “safe switching solutions from the ground up”, which is basically a captive air system that utilizes a foot switch bellows or push button switch coupled with an on-off switch (Airswitch). This technology started with the pool and spa market and has since grown into many different industries that require this type of simple and effective technology. Variohm Eurosensor offers sensors for medical, industrial, motorsport, aerospace, agriculture, automation, and marine industries. These sensors offer solutions to deal with temperature, motion, and pressure. Please look at our line cards for each product line: Sensors and Herga Switches.

We are pleased to announce our latest product a complete line of wireless footswitches that utilizes the Bluetooth® smart technology. For more information please take a look at our Wireless Footswitches.

RDI News & Updates

New! Industrial Footswitch / Watch Video below:

New! Medical Footswitch Platform

Herga’s Medical Design Platform can combine our standard electrical footswitches and puck (bellows) switches with various options and provide an aesthetic appearance within the modular base system that allows for very high flexibility. The entire platform successfully passed the UL-60601 medical product approval which means that every combination the customer chooses is automatically medically approved. The modular design feature allows customers to build their own systems to their specific requirements.

Take a look at our datasheet here: Medical Footswitch Spec

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