Wireless Footswitches

RDI offers a range of footswitches with Bluetooth® smart technology manufactured by Herga Technology, Ltd. The Bluetooth® smart technology offers a “closed network” so there is no interference from other Bluetooth® devices in the area. This technology also boasts low energy, which means there are no charging stations. The transmitter runs on 2 double AA batteries and last 5 times longer than comparative manufacturers offerings. The single pedal 6210 (V2) is now available with IEC60601-1  (Customers risk assessment is required). Download the Technical Manual or Technical Manual V2 for all the detailed information regarding Herga’s Bluetooth® system. Please Contact us for a quote or more information.

The 6210 single pedal model is available as a stock model. Also, check out our range of Guards 6201 model, 6202 model, 6203 Model to pair with our single or dual pedal footswitches. The 6210 V2 model is also available with IEC60601-1 out of the box.

The 6226 Model is available as a dual or triple pedal version. Also, check out our Twin Guard 6202 model, to pair with our single or dual pedal footswitches. These are not readily available as stock, but please contact us to inquire about getting a quote.

The Multi-Pedal model can house up to 8 buttons for those applications with several functions such as a patient table.

The receiver is available as a “dongle” (Pictured left) or just the Receiver board to embed into your equipment. Both versions are available as stock.