RDI offers a range of Footswitches for Medical, industrial, and custom applications manufactured by Herga Technology, Ltd. The footswitch variations are numerous as each application has different requirements. We can make most of our pedals with USB, wireless, custom connectors, or open wire for the interface with your equipment. Just let us know what type of interface you’re looking for and we will point you in the right direction (Contact us).

One of our unique options when sourcing a footswitch is that we also offer a variety of Foot Bellows. The foot bellows is a safer alternative to the standard electric footswitch in that there are no electronics inside the foot bellows or on the floor, and therefore eliminates any shock hazards or for areas that may have the risk of explosion or hazardous chemicals. Read our blog “To Air or not to Air” for some interesting insight on this unique option.

See the full range below, and we’ve segregated the range into Medical/UL approved footswitches, Industrial or standard foot pedals, and foot bellows. Within these ranges, we offer wireless, potentiometer, momentary, latching, and multi-pedal versions. Whatever the application we should have a pedal for you to evaluate. Many of our Footswitches are available from stock making delivery time short.

Wireless Footswitches:

Many people like the option of wireless because it eliminates the hazard of tripping over cords. The technology today is typically Bluetooth® or RF version for a wireless option. RDI offers a Bluetooth® smart version manufactured by Herga Technology, Ltd. with a “closed network” that eliminates potential interference with other Bluetooth devices. In addition, to the closed network, these transmitters are low energy, which means they don’t have to constantly be charged or hooked up to a charging station. Just replace the two AA batteries when the low battery light indicates it’s time to replace the batteries and you’re ready to go again. The Bluetooth pedals are offered in Single, Double & Triple, and Multi-pedal options and the Receiver can be embedded into your application or housed in a plug and play dongle. Please Contact us to discuss pricing or any special requirements you might have. For more information such as integration take a look at the Technical Manual .

Medical / Dental Footswitches:

RDI has a full range of Medially approved footswitches to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a single, dual, or multi-pedal footswitch we have the solution for you. Also, available in many colors and cordsets, just let us know how you wish to interface with your equipment and we can make a foot pedal that will accommodate your needs. We also specialize in custom applications, whether it’s a completely new design, or modifying an existing design to meet your specification we have a full team of engineers that can assist with the most complicated of requests. Contact us if you have a special requirement and we will be glad to give you assistance.

General Purpose Footswitches:

RDI offers many choices for a standard foot pedal. Whether you’re looking for a heavy duty foot pedal or just a basic footswitch, we can accommodate your request. We have a wide variety of colors, cordsets and connectors to choose from. Make sure you Contact Us to let us know what your requirements are and we can provide you a fast, easy and convenient quote within minutes.

Our industrial line also boasts USB connections, Momentary and latching actions, as well as variable speed foot pedals. Due to the hazardous environments in some industrial applications, we also offer guarded versions of our foot pedals to prevent accidental tripping of the footswitch. We also offer single, dual and multi-pedal versions of these footswitches.

Foot Bellows:

RDI has the most complete line of foot bellows in the entire world. We offer everything from low profile to Heavy duty foot bellows. Foot bellows offer a unique solution as an alternative option to it’s electronic equivalent in that there are no electronics encapsulated in the foot bellows, and therefore there is nothing to rate and you have no electronics on the floor. Perfect, for hazardous environments, or areas that are subject to lots of liquids.

The Foot bellows mate with an airswitch, and we have several options to choose from. Whether it’s SPST, SPDT, or DPDT and latching or momentary actions, we have the perfect switch for you. All of our remote airswitches come with UL, CSA, and CE ratings. Please Contact Us to inquire about setting a bellows option for your application.