ELPM 125 Sensor


Motorsport Sensor 125mm Stroke

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The motorsports proven ELPM series linear position sensor provides long life and extremely reliable performance for harsh environment
position measurement applications such as ride height, suspension and steering angle measurement. The compact 9.5 mm diameter
sensor includes a conductive plastic resistance element technology with multi damped wipers that maintains complete and even contact
with very low electrical noise, even under the most arduous physical and environmental conditions. The IP67 sealing system employed
in the design may be enhanced with the extended ‘S’ sealing option for improved reliability and endurance where unpredictable wet and
hostile environmental conditions exist. The ELPM series offers stroke lengths from 25 to 175 mm in convenient increments with self aligning
pivot bearing mountings or optional snap-on mountings with the ELPM-Pop option for fast installation or removal. Further options include a
spring return version as well as customer specified mounting and electrical connector options on request.